What do all those colors mean to Construction professionals?

There are multiple industry, and regulatory standards for color coding as it relates to safety, organization, and a host of other subjects. Here are a few examples that everyone in the construction industry should be familiar with!

OSHA has multiple standards dealing with color coding as it relates to safety. Here are a couple standards to remember- -Safety color code for marking physical hazards. Part 1910, Subpart J, Standard Number 1910.144

-Recommended color coding. Part 1910, Subpart J, Standard Number 1910.145(f) App A

The American Petroleum Institute has issued standardized color codes and symbols for petroleum based fuels. These colors and symbols are used to identify storage and handling facilities and equipment.

ASME Standard A13.1-1996 specifies a color scheme for pipe identification. These colors should be used when painting, marking, or labeling exposed pipes.

There is no standard for color coding on synthetic lifting slings. Always refer to the slings tag to determine Working Load Limit.

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