Our Team-

Our Team has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry.
Meet the team here!

Dallas Garthwaite- Operations Leader

Dallas is responsible for actually making things happen, unloading trucks, building orders, and basically all the real work. In his spare time, he enjoys long bubble baths, and sushi!

(PS, one of those last statements is true. You'll have to ask him to find out which one it is!)

Mary Freeland- Sales Leader

Need an order placed, just call, text, email, smoke signal, carrier pigeon, pretty much anything, but be sure to get in touch with Mary and she'll get you what you need!
When she's isn't living with a phone on her ear, Mary can be found keeping her husband, Larry in line (a full-time job if you ask us) or taking care of her animals.

Justin Ellis- CEO/Co-Founder

Justin and Aaron started Elco Building Supply after Justin's family business was sold to a competitor. Justin's reasoning for jumping right back into the business! "Well, we didn't want to go get real jobs!"
On the weekends, Justin enjoys long walks on the beach, and listening to light jazz. Or maybe not....

Aaron Coats- COO/Co-Founder

Aaron is our go-to bad cop! Got a situation that needs to be resolved...He's our guy! Not to mention, we're pretty sure he can sell ice to Eskimo's!
In high school, Aaron was voted most likely to "Merica!!"

(575) 208-1765

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